Welcome to my jewelry website! 

.My name is Kim Volean and I have been creating and selling my jewelry pieces for nearly a decade..I am so excited to bring you my beach and ocean inspired jewelry.. 🌴Each piece of jewelry is handmade by me. I use semiprecious stone, crystal, Czech glass, and shell beads along with other materials like sterling and plated silver, gold plated, brass, pewter and copper wire and chain..🌴🌴The following information taken from article on ArtFestival.com from 2013 and describes my style of jewelry:😊🌴.Creativity has always come easy for Kim Volean, artisan and owner of Kim Volean Designs. Kim’s passion for jewelry making began when she started making pieces for herself, family and friends. Her colorful and exquisite pieces were such a hit among recipients that they encouraged her to sell her work, so Kim decided to participate in a few shows, and, well…the rest, as they say, is history.🌴Kim Volean’s jewelry is an exciting kaleidoscope of beautiful themes, intricate materials and brilliant splashes of color. In fact, it’s that last detail—the color—that’s really the foundation of her pieces. She builds jewelry around the color combinations she chooses, which are often inspired by nature. Whether it’s a majestic, multicolored sunset or a lush, delicate landscape, the color combination inspired by these scenes help Kim create accessories that can be used for every day wear or for a special occasion. and although she makes unique pieces in a variety of colors and styles, she says that she is “still learning and picking up new jewelry-making techniques, which is expanding my range of styles in jewelry crafting”.🌴